Urban Fossil

Urban Fossil is a concrete stool that incorporates memories, in the form of wooden, plastic or metallic legs. Coming from different industrial processes as scrape material or as dismissed object after completing their entire life’s cycle the parts are kept evident and recognizable.

The selection and the preparation of the object to reuse is particularly important. Interesting sources are maritime industries or dismissed boats that can provide unique shaped pieces. Other sources could be old furniture or industrial machinery. The manufacturing process is artisanal and can be customized according to available materials.

The project was selected to be part of the exhibition ‘Zero’ at 1971 Design Space, Sharjah UAE, organized by Bee’ah and Maraya Art Centre and was furtherly exhibited during ‘Wasl’ the first exhibition of design from the Emirates, at Beijing Design Week, staged in partnership with Dubai Design Week, Dubai Design District, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Falcon and Associates, as well as art and design institutions Tashkeel, and 1971 – Design Space.

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