ORI-GEN is a design performance conceived especially for Dubai Design Week 2015. Hosted by thejamjar and supported by Alserkal Avenue, the production weaves body gestures and generative origami design, and aims at involving the audience in an interactive setting that continuously transforms and evolves.


In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, but everything is transformed. Eons by eons, millennia by millennia, season by season, day by day, second by second, everything is running on the edge of a fragile and ephemeral balance where no moment is equal to another while still looking exactly the same. Similarly microscopic and macroscopic environment are sharing the same fate.



ORI-GEN consists of magnetic modules where aggregation generate geometric compositions and structures; performers from The Ripple Effect troupe create diverse environments linking the pattern of their movements to different rhythms and emotions while engaging with the audience in a collaborative act.

Beyond its artistic and expressive application ORI-GEN is conceived to be a versatile multipurpose interior element that could become divider, enclosure, lighting and other fixtures, complementing open spaces with its dynamism, interactivity, adaptability and practicality.