False Ceiling

The site specific installation consist of laser-cut polypropylene modules joined together with bolt and nuts; the surface created (approx. 3 x 4 m) adapts to changing physical attributes. The artwork was produced for Sikka 2013. During the fair the installation was suspended by a quantity of hellion inflated balloons, waving freely in midair.

The illusory certainties of life are metaphorically pictured in this work as one of the basic need in human life: the need of shelter, which is commonly stereotyped as an immovable roof.

Trying to subvert this stereotype, encouraging people to embrace challenges in life ‘false ceiling’ also refers to fictional appearance that are commonly achieved in contemporary building construction, contrasting with the original installation site in a traditional courtyard house in the heart of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood in Dubai.

False Ceiling have been exhibited in “Middle East Revealed” an exhibition organized by Wallpaper* together with the Dubai Design District (d3) during the London Design Festival in 2014 end was also part of “Huna Al Emarat” organized by Ductac and sponsored by CBRE in Dubai in 2015.