Sikka is an annual art fair that take place in the old Dubai, along with few other initiatives is part of the art month of March and promotes emerging talents’ commissioned works.
A broad range of solutions has been developed for this art fair. Dealing with Al Fahidi (formerly known as Bastakiya) heritage district is not an easy job since strict regulations are preventing from permanent interventions.
Caravan analyzed the compound highlighting circulations and potentials hot spot. Soon after entrances, sitting areas, info-points, social hubs, food & beverage stalls, stage backdrops, signage and way-finding were designed accordingly.
The concept was aiming at revive the trading environment reminiscent of the original neighborhood using ready made sourced elements like big shipping crates and coffee sacks.
Caravan re-purposed all previous editions set up that was laying in the storage since three years without material wastage. Elements where designed to be customized by the fair exhibitors.
We can proudly declare that was the most successful Sikka edition.